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When I am backing up ,the system crash down and restart

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When I am backing up ,the system crash down and restart

1. HBA Smart array H241 controller was installed on HP server 8gen with EXSi 6.0

2. The pci card was added to one of vms and the vm is running Windows Server 2016, the driver of the H241 card was installed. 

3. The LTO-8 tape drive was connected to the pci card.

4. Backup software is Veeam. and it can find the tape driver and creat tape jobs for backup.

I have finished a backup job of a vm and it is about 100GB.

But when I deploy another backup job of another vm, which is about 2TB,  the windows server 2016 system crash down!!! 

and the vm restart.

I checked the memory dump, it shows 

Probably caused by : HpCISSs3.sys ( HpCISSs3+5010 )



An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an

interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high.  This is usually

caused by drivers using improper addresses.


I also checked the file version of HpCISSs3.sys , it is which I think is the latest one.


Could someone tell me how to avoid this issue?  I think the bluescreen happened during the process and the windows OS restarted.  Of cause the backup job failed and only about half of the data was backup and not sure  it can be used for restore.


Rajat Bhargava

Re: When I am backing up ,the system crash down and restart

Hello georgeFung,

I had a look at the matrix from February 2019 and see that VM's are not a supported configuration. I am attaching a screen shot of the matrix and also the link:

Page 52

In short it says that Tapes will need to be on a physical server and not a Virtual Machine

I am an HPE Employee