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When to replace our DDS4 tapes?

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John O'Neill_6
Regular Advisor

When to replace our DDS4 tapes?

Hi All,

I'm thinking of replacing our DDS (20/40GB) tape collection for our HP UX server as they've been in use for 12 months now.

We have a rotating 3 week backup cycle and a 12 month rotating cycle.

In the 12 months the tapes in the 3 week cycle have been in use, they've probably been used about 20 times (including a couple of backup tests for each tape that are done on a regular basis) per tape.

Are these tapes good for another 12 months or should I replace them with a fresh set and re-use these tapes for something else?

I don't want to take chances with our critical data, but i also don't want to needlessly spend a LOT of money on ordering nearly 20 new DDS tapes (almost half a grand from many vendors here in Aus).

What do you think?

Any advice appreciated.

Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: When to replace our DDS4 tapes?


You can find some information here. HP recommends replacing the medias after 100 overwrites.
Trusted Contributor

Re: When to replace our DDS4 tapes?