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WinXP and HP Colorado 14 GB

Occasional Visitor

WinXP and HP Colorado 14 GB

I desire to utilize my HP Colorado 14GB tape drive backup on my WinXP machine. The page at does not cover my drive. I note at the bottom of the page it states: "With the discontinuance of Colorado Backup on 31 October 2001, software support for the Windows XP platform will be offered through a solution supplied by VERITAS." After spending quite some time at, I was unable to find reference to this unit.

Is it possible to utilize the drive on my WinXP platform?

Thank you!
S Goddard
Occasional Visitor

Re: WinXP and HP Colorado 14 GB

I'm only posting to say I have the exact same question.

I have not attempted to get them to work together, but I would like to know if it will be a problem before reformatting from the old o/s to Win XP.
Arimo Laine_1
Valued Contributor

Re: WinXP and HP Colorado 14 GB


The tape drives behind the link above are the ones which are supported by Windows XP without a separate BU SW. Drive is not listed there i.e. a separate BU SW is needed.

The backup SW recommended for replacing CBII is Veritas Backup MyPC. This has been tested in WinXP Beta, so methinks it should work with final version as well. Check with Veritas, however.

Supported device list (attched) says that the this SW should support both IDE and SCSI versions of CBII.

Another SW that supports this drive under XP is Tapeware. Better check this one with them as well,