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Windows 2000 backup can't find tape drive

Jonathan Sachs
Frequent Advisor

Windows 2000 backup can't find tape drive

I have a Windows 2000 system with a C1533A. Windows 2000 backup no longer believes the tape drive is there, and the Computer Management applet sometimes says "No interface has been registered" when I try to display its contents. (Sometimes it shows the drive, but Windows Backup still won't recognize it.)

This problem occurred once before, and I was able to fix it by reapplying Service Pack 2. Now that doesn't work.

Does anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it?
Justin Sulima
Occasional Visitor

Re: Windows 2000 backup can't find tape drive

No I dont. I have a C1573A and have never got it to be recognised ever.

I copied the NT4 version of backup, renamed it, and put an icon on my desktop. I also needed one other NT4 DLL.

I use NT4 backup for tapes and NT2K backup to file then cut CDROM. Its a pain.

I had upgraded from NT4 to Win 2K.

Another person I know did a new install of Win2K and had no problems.