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Windows 2008 x64 MSL6030 library drivers

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Windows 2008 x64 MSL6030 library drivers

I cannot find any drivers for the MSL 6030 tape libraries. There was a thread earlier with the same question that had a ftp link to download drivers, however they were not for the MSL6030 library.
Windows 2008 detects the tape library as an unknown media changer but my backup software doesn't recgnonize it.
There are drivers for Windows 2003 but I would rather not have to reload my system and software to get my tape drive to work.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 x64 MSL6030 library drivers

What backup software is that? Most of them use the tape libraries directly and do not need any drivers. Some even need the Windows devices to be disabled.

The drivers for HP tapes and libraries are here: