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Windows 9x drivers missing for SCSI tape drives

Ken Wallewein
Occasional Contributor

Windows 9x drivers missing for SCSI tape drives

How do I stop Windows 98 from indicating that a SCSI tape drive needs a driver?

I've installed a SureStore DAT24 (C1537a) tape drive on an Adaptec 2930 SCSI card on a Windows 98 system. Windows now highlights the drive with a yellow question mark and says the drivers are not installed (Code 28).

Now, I understand the Win9x doesn't support SCSI tape drives, and the backup software takes care of it. But I want to get rid of the error status -- it's sure to cause confusion in the future. How do I do that?

As side note, this is possible the worst forum user interface I've ever seen.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Windows 9x drivers missing for SCSI tape drives

Hi Ken,
read this It says "... 2. If you install your SCSI HBA (host bus adapter) and the DAT or DLT device before you install the backup application, then Windows 95/98 will prompt you for a driver or even put the DAT or DLT device automatically into 'Unsupported Devices'. This is understandably confusing, as it is standard practice to ensure that every device is correctly identified as part of the installation process". So maybe you should disconnect drive, reboot, check it was removed in device manager, then install backup software, and only then connect drive?