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Windows NT startup problem...

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Windows NT startup problem...


I have a Proliant ML570 with a DLT4000 installed. I noticed the following strange problem...

- If driver loaded as "system"
At NT starting up... it cycles and reboot without any messages or blue screen.
- If driver started as "manual"
At NT startup... Everything is working fine.
The problem is that I need this to work as I've got to roll out 20 servers like this one... with a backup device functionning.
As it is the first time I have this problem with NT and a DLT4000,
I tried to change the DLT (just to check if the DLT wasn't defect) and it did not change anything.
In despair, I restarted installing NT from scratch with the smartstart CD... The server rebooted all the time except when I installed the driver for the DLT...
I downloaded the latest version of the drivers at Compaq's Web.

I just cannot understand anymore, if someone had this case and found a solution... I'll take It !

Best Regards And Many Thanks for your help.

FYI, the following hardware is in the ML570 servers.

-Xeon 700MhZ with 1024K cache processor
-1 Gb Ram
-1 Smart Array Controller 5300 with two drive cages attached (one with 5x9.1Gb HD in Raid 5 - One spare, second cage empty)
-1 Compaq Integrated Dual Wide Ultra 2 Scsci
-1 Remote Insight Board