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Wrong Media problem with backup

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Wrong Media problem with backup



We're using Data Protector Express 4.00 sp1


This is a brand new installation on a brand new server and I can't get the automated backups to run overnight. Every time one of the scheduled jobs runs, it fails with the alert "Wrong Media".


I've formated various tapes and named them (Monday 1, Tuesday 1, Wednesday 1) etc etc I've then imported the names into the database.


I've created various backup jobs, Friday Full Backup, Tuesday Incremental etc etc


The Write Mode is set to "Overwrite all Media", Span is "Restart File".


Within the properties of the Back up Jobs, I've added the name of the tape to be used to the "Media to be used" section.


However when ever the job runs, it fails, and the name within the "Media To be used" section reverts to something like


Home\Admin\Wednesday Incremental backup\Rotation Media\Weekly Rotation Media\Weekly Set 1


Oddly, if I manually run the job, with the correct name in (Monday 1 for instance) the job works fine. It seems to be only the scheduled jobs that fail.


Any ideas?