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about Ultrium 920 tape driver

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Lionel Liu

about Ultrium 920 tape driver


we installed the Ultrium 920 tape diver on alpha 4100 Openvsm 7.3-2 and also installed the l$tt tape driver diagnose tool.

when we ran the test by the diagnose tool. we got following message, anybody could shed some light on it, that would be appreciated.

Test passed with warnings

- Analysis Results

- LTO Drive Assessment Test, version V14.01.2008

- Test run: Wed May 7 08:29:43 2008

- Drive serial number: HU10801KYN

- Data Cartridge Information:

- Vendor: HP

- Format: LTO-3

- Serial Number: E79TL8j346

- Barcode: Unknown


- version: V07.02.2008

- Script is unable to verify if this device is using latest firmware.

- Rule 19:

- The current SCSI configuration is likely to be limiting the performance

of the drive.

- Please check that your HBA is the correct type for the drive and that

the cabling is good.
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Re: about Ultrium 920 tape driver

I assume LTT is working the same way in VMS as in other operating systems like hp-ux.

I assume your SCSI HBA is not at the maximum speed for this drive and the LTT does not have an information what the latest FW is.

You should pull a support ticket in LTT after the test, transfer it to a win$ system with LTT installed and open the ticket with LTT to read more details


post the ticket here.

Hope this helps!

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Re: about Ultrium 920 tape driver

The ULT920 tape drive requires an HBA that run at ULTRA320 SCSI.
Check if the HBA is of this speed.

* What is the Part number of the HBA?
* Part Number of the Cable used between the Devices.
* Before Running L&TT make sure you disable all the Backup services & Windows Removable storage service.
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