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autoloader door closed

Occasional Contributor

autoloader door closed

i was able to eject magazine,
but now i am not able to insert it again,
error message: insert magazine,
but door is closed, .. while selftest sometimes able to open but not able to insert magazine anyway...(mechanical not possible?)

c1557a dds3 firmware u812 autoloader

and another question:
firmware update, are all firmewares on newest level?
dds drive c1537 a revision L111 and if not where to find it, and how to update it,
i just installed hp storage works library and tape tools.

log shows me:(without magazine inserted!!!)
Please update the firmware in your drive with the latest version
Please insert a cleaning cartridge 5 times in a row to ensure that the drive heads are clean
Firmware rev 'U812' is up-to-date for 'C1557A' as of Tue Dec 15 20:00:00 1998.

connectivity test passed:
Test passed

Test 'Device Self Test' started on device 'HP C1557A' at address '3/0.3.0'
Test passed

thx for help!