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back up drive for HP proliant dl360 G5

aria peryoga
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back up drive for HP proliant dl360 G5

Can some tell me what type of tape drive I can use for back up my server for back up all my data.

By the way my server is HP proliant dl360 g5, I need a suggestion. from you all.


TapeDrive Killer 1 2
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Re: back up drive for HP proliant dl360 G5

Aria it depends on how many data will you backup remember that all hp tape drives says the compressed data but you need to look for the native any way here is a list of all stand alone Tape Drive you can also look for autloaders or librarys the RDX is working great along with Data Protector Express.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles
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Re: back up drive for HP proliant dl360 G5

1) Match the capacity of your data against the tape drive. As TapeDriveKiller says, use *native* capacity, not compressed capacity. How compressible data is varies, and it's not something you can control.

2) Match performance of the tape drive against the performance of your server. DAT drives need to have a server that can feed them data at least as fast as their 2:1 compression speed. LTO drives can step down to 1/3 of their rated speed -- so the formula will be something like this: DiskSpeed > ( LTOTapeSpeed * DataCompressibility) / 3 .
That is, if your disks can be read at 50MB/sec and your data is 1.25:1, an Ultrium 960 writes at 80MB/sec:
50 > (( 80 * 1.25) /3) becomes 50 > 33 wich is true, so you'd be OK. If your data were 2:1 compressible, it would become
50 > ((80*2)/3) or 50 > 53.3 which is false... in this case, look for, say, and Ultrium 920 (60MB/sec).

If you've got more data than fits on one tape, and can not go up a step to the next bigger tape drive because it's too fast for your disk, then you should consider an autoloader. The benefit of an autoloader is that it will handle tape movement for you, reducing errors and helping ensure backups complete as scheduled. HP makes both DAT and LTO autoloaders.
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