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c1537a DDS3 Tape Drive

Derek K Austin
Occasional Visitor

c1537a DDS3 Tape Drive

My tape drive has become rather 'flakey' over the last few weeks with backups failing (crc errors, media mount failure etc) I have found also that (sometimes) if I try a 'long erase' or an 'inventory' the unit will 'lock up' and report and will not regognise any media until I power off the server and restart.

I downdoaded and installed the LTT diagnostics program and carried out various tests. It suggested re-calibrating the drive, which I have done, cleaned it 'umpteen' times but it also keeps telling me that 'I appear not to be cleaning the drive often enough' and that 'I appear to have used tapes that were not designed for this drive' which is odd as I only have HP DDS3 tapes!

I updated to the latest firmware but it now says that 'The script is unable to verify if this device is using the latest firmware - revision data was not loaded'

Any suggestions?

I have attached the Support Ticket

Many thanks.........

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: c1537a DDS3 Tape Drive

File is corrupt. Zip and attach again.
You should clean your drive after every 5 full backups or 20 tape pulling hours