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cannot open device (unit not ready) Msl5030

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cannot open device (unit not ready) Msl5030

I use the w2k cluster, dp 5.1 patch 084 , msa1000 and a tape labriry msl5030 ultrium tape.

i disable the tape and medium.

i format the tape, the robot put the tape to the drive and i receive the error 09:54 tape 0:0:0:0c cannot open device (unit not ready)

it somebody ave the solution.
Gerson Irias
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Re: cannot open device (unit not ready) Msl5030

I have that problem before:
[Major] From: BMA@plgmlao1 "LTO - 1" Time: 7/25/2004 3:50:11 AM
[90:64] Cannot unload exchanger medium (Unit is not ready.)

Usually the problem is related to the hardware. In UNIX I try to talk to the device file that controls the robot thru the OS:
mc -p /dev/rac/c5t9d1 -r DS
If I am unable to open the device file, I check the library and usually I find out that the "request light" is on for the tape library. Reset the library, also check that no tapes are stuck on the robot arm or tape drive.
I hope this helps!
"do it right the first time"
Scott McIntosh_2
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Re: cannot open device (unit not ready) Msl5030

If you re-enable the Windows driver for just the tape drive, manually load a tape into it using the library front panel (or uma), can you use NT Backup to write and read data from the drive? If so, then you can go back to trying to determine what's up with Data Protector.

Otherwise, you need to solve the hardware problem, validate the setup with NT Backup (or LTT from HP's web site), and then work with the application layer.

Then again, it might just be a configuration problem. I thought you said you disabled the Windows driver for the tape device, yet you still say Tape0:0:0:0C. Tape means the Windows driver is loaded.

Try reconfiguring the scsi address for the drive in the DP GUI. The one you have configured is probably wrong.

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