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centralised backup solution

Occasional Contributor

centralised backup solution

Hello Guru's,
I am having MSL-5026 tape library along with modular data router & MA8000 having HGG80 connected on SAN switch & i am having 2 node GS80 cluster accessing MA8000 RAID SETs thro' this san switch ,i am not able to see any of the tape devices or library on tru64 5.1a,i tried scaning useing hwmgr -scan scsi but not any luck,
Could anybody plzz give me any direction how to configure it.

Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: centralised backup solution

Log in to the Storage router with a web brovser, click on the FC-port in the router image and the FC configuration window should shoew up. Check the settein for "Default map", if set to Indexed, change to Auto assigned. Reboot the router.