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colorado 14 GB int.

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colorado 14 GB int.

I cannot get this tape drive to work with WIN NT.

Tape drive is configured as Master on Secondary IDE - no Slave present. Every time i try to start a backup i get the message unable to find to find the drive, check cable. The driver is the newest one and everything i checked is okay. windows does recognise the tape drive in Hardware settings and says it is working OK. What else can i do?
thanxs norbert
Terri Harris
Honored Contributor

Re: colorado 14 GB int.

Need to verify the tape drive is being seen by the hardware.

Does the tape drive banner during POST?

Do any other IDE devices work if connected to the secondary IDE?

When was this tape drive last working ok? In what configuration?
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Re: colorado 14 GB int.

Yes the tape drive is seen by the hardware and i checked the tape drive on an other secondary IDE the same result.The last time we used is one month away.

Re: colorado 14 GB int.

hallo Norbert,
witch software do you use?
and witch are teh settings in the bios?

The drive need to set on Pio-mode O and the UDMA has to be disabled!!

also the chipset on the board can be faulty.This tape with the VIA,ALI and SIS chipset has problems!

the correct driver for this tape is
Under NT 4.0 ? QIC157.sys( found on the NT CD!)

with Colorado-Backup = HPQIC157.sys) embedded in the program!
Carmen Juergens