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colorado 5 gb

Jerry Bene'
Occasional Visitor

colorado 5 gb

I had this brand new, out of the box, Colorado 5 gb connected to Win95 system using veritas BE desktop and working fine. Upgraded to new system with W2K server (L440 GX)and tried to use MS backup. System freezes whenever attempting to inventory tape. Drive is recognized, running 2.08 firmware.

Connected device to different W2K server (intel 815 eeal)install and used brand new tape, using MS backup. Drive recognized, version 2.08. Write backup, says clean. Write backup with verify and says "an inconsistency was encountered on the requested media" click "OK" and log shows verify completed, event viewer shows error 8009 description "End verify to C:". Attempt to restore results in media mounting, dismounting, then ejecting with MS backup then reporting that it is still trying to mount media.

Deallocated, prepared, and tried again; same results.