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colorado backup II software

K Brown
Occasional Visitor

colorado backup II software

I have an 8gig colorado tape drive that works under win98. When placed in a win2000 box, the MS Backup command will not work with the tape media, I get a no media available message.

Is there a version of the HP Colorado Backup II Software available for win2000? If so, where would I purchase this software.

Also, any suggestions on making this drive work with MS backup program?

Thanks in advance!
Kai Richter
Occasional Visitor

Re: colorado backup II software


unfortunately I can't help you very much. But I ran into the same problem.

I used my external HP Colorado 8GB drive with NT 4.0 and HP Colorado Backup II Ver 3.0. Now I upgraded to Win2000 and the drive is integrated without errors (I downloaded the win2000 drivers from the hp homepage) but the windows backup tool won't use any of my tapes. My "old" Colorado Backup software can't be installed due to the not supported os version.

In the meantime I found out that I have to use "Colorado Backup II Version 9.0" but I don't know where to get it. I didn't find a vendor who sells it without the tape drive. Perhaps one can dowload it from the IT resource center but my support period is expired and my access to the software update area is denied.

Perhaps this is a little bit of help for you. Please let my know when you got a solution of this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: colorado backup II software

You can upgrade to VERITAS Backup MyPC, more info at:


Re: colorado backup II software

The following site will provide info on bug that release 9.0 fixes

I am looking for version 9.1 of CBII so I can read old QIC 80 tapes from the 8GB drive under Windows ME. If anyone knows where 9.1 can be located PLEASE reply. Meanwhile I am downloading the 30 day trial of Backup MyPC from to try it out.