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compression problem

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compression problem

I have a problem with compression. It doesn't work!OS is Win NT 4.0, tape drive is HP C1599A (4 GB uncompressed and 8 GB compressed). Tapes are DDS-2 (8GB). The drive's switches are ok (all are on except third).
For example, if I try to make a backup of my server's drive E: (about 6 GB data), all the data doesn't fit in to one tape (backup program asks me meantime to insert second tape.
The command on the batch file is:
ntbackup backup C: E:\ /hc:on /a /t normal
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: compression problem

let's proceed with two tests:
1. using LTT run compression test and check its results;
2. using winzip compress all the files from E:\ and look if the're compressable. But note that hardware compression is less effective than software.
BTW, what's "C:" in command line? I never used ntbackup from command line and can not understand its meaning. Does this option force ntbackup to compress files from other location than E:\?