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Re: data protector express 3.5-sp2 (build 34497) log

Nicola Modugno
New Member

data protector express 3.5-sp2 (build 34497) log

i have configured dpe to send a only-errors log after a backup job but i don't receive any logs via mail!!
I have a usb tape so the job takes about 6 hours. When i forgot to power on the tape the job ends with error and, only in this case, i receive the log via mail!
The "Email command" (to send information to email address) work properly too.
I supposed that it may be a connection problem in a range of time that is after 11PM (when the job starts) and before 8AM (when i arrive at office) but the internet connection have no problems (tried with a ping scheduled task). I tried changing the mail server but they are correct and there are no problems "telnetting" them!
In the "Administration" -> "Messages" section i see (for every day i don't receive log) "
05/30/2008 7:14:17 AM sk: Unable to output log Error 51: Socket failure".
What does it mean?? I'm not able to find how-tos or error description for that...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
PS: Excuse me for my English!!
D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: data protector express 3.5-sp2 (build 34497) log

Hi Nicola:

You should test your email notification with a simple short test backup job first.


1. From the Administration desk bar, select Configure Domain Server.
2. Enter SMTP email settings for your storage domain as follows:

A. SMTP mail server: Enter the name or IP address of the mail server.
B. Port number: Enter the appropriate SMTP port. The Port number default is 25, which is usually the correct value. If you are using a proxy server, you may have to enter a different Port number.
C. From address: Enter the email address to be entered in the From field for each job log email. This email address must be valid.

Some SMTP mail servers require that the From address be a valid user@host address; other SMTP mail servers ignore this field.

Next setup your backup job to notify you by your email address.