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data protector tape says full, but not???

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data protector tape says full, but not???

I have an hp LTO drive in a HP dl server running win2k3, running DP express 3.5.  The backup starts and runs ok but gets to a point where it asks for another tape as the current one is full. I have tried new tapes and old. On the old tapes I have performed a secure erase and then formatted so correct tape name is in place. Each of the 6 tapes fail at differing amounts of data on them. I have also tried different compression settings. 


I have attached the error log.


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Re: data protector tape says full, but not???

Run HP Library and Tape Tools (free download from ) and run the tape diagnostics, see what it says.    It's entirely possible that your drive needs to be cleaned, or, that the head is getting old and generating lots of errors that mean blocks need to be rewritten (using space for every needed retry).



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Re: data protector tape says full, but not???

revisa en las propiedades de la configuracion de las cintas dentro del data protector que esten bien los parametros que se necesitan.. saludos

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Re: data protector tape says full, but not???

Hi Amilcar,


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Could you please repost your Question/Answer in English? The majority of the experts speak English as a primary language and this will help everybody in the Forum understand the query and allow them to participate as well.


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Re: data protector tape says full, but not???

Thanks for all the replies.


I have replaced the tape drive as it appears that data corruption was the cause.


Thanks all