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Re: dataprotector express SSE fails to restore

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dataprotector express SSE fails to restore

I'm testing DataprotectorExpress Single Server Edition 3.5 sp2, but I have still problems restoring with OBDR.
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My Hardware:
DDS4 DAT40 Internal USB connected tape device (c5386a)

I installed w2k3 with dpe sse, and create an OBDR tape.
Restore on this particular server is fully completed, no problems at all.

To test a real disaster, I took another (identical) ML350G5 server, and start an OBDR restore with the same tape. Phase 1 (create a recovery partition, create other partitions etc) goes fine.
But in phase 2, where the date should be recovered from tape, Dataprotector cannot find the tapedrive anymore.

If I switch tapedrives (tapedrive from original server switch with the test-disaster server) the Restoration will complete succesfully.

It looks like Dataprotector looks to the serial number of the tapedrive, because that should be the only difference dataprotector can detect.

Is this behaviour of the SingleServerEdition version? Why can I only finish the OBDR recovery if I use the drive where I created the tape with? (which would mean that I have no easy backup in case of fire etc)
D Lancaster
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Re: dataprotector express SSE fails to restore

We have seen some OBDR errors with the hardware you describe.

We would like to speak with you about your issue and see how it compares to the other cases we have. Please contact your local HP support and initiate a case. Reference this discussion and ask that the case be upgraded to Level 3 Support.

Luis Arias
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Re: dataprotector express SSE fails to restore

Hi Mistral,

I agree with Dave however there is something I would like to check. DPE SSE is a reduced version that only works with one server and one tape drive attached to it, AND ONLY WITH HP TAPE DEVICES.
If the new server has a non-Hp device then I think most likely is not gonna recognize it.
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Re: dataprotector express SSE fails to restore

Luis, thanks for your reply, but as you've probably read, I have two identical servers. As said, the only difference I can imagine, is the serial number of the tapedrive.