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dds usage and shelf life

joseph r
Occasional Visitor

dds usage and shelf life

I use a DDS-1 tape once a week to do a backup, how many times can I use that tape. I also use a DDS-1 tape once a year to do a backup, do I need to worry about the shelf life of the tape? I've received very different answers before and am trying to find the best info. Thanks.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: dds usage and shelf life

You can use tape many many times, but backup quality depends on how do you store tapes. Please follow recommendations
If you have DDS2 drive or better it's recommended to use appropriate DDS tape (the same standard: DDS2 tape for DDS2 drive, DDS3 tape for DDS3 drive etc).
Do not forget to clean drive after each 5 full backups or 20 tape pulling hours.