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dds3 C6364A and win 2000 Prof

Occasional Advisor

dds3 C6364A and win 2000 Prof


I want read date from dds3 tape in win 2000. My drive is visible on list hardware, system backup in win can write on this tape, but I can’t mount this drive as drive in my computer list.
Much software to read date (unix format) on win 2000 do not see this drive.
Is it any soft to restore this date?
Christian Peter
Frequent Advisor

Re: dds3 C6364A and win 2000 Prof

generally you can't see a backup drive like a harddisk or something else... you only can access these drives with backup software.

you have to knoew with which software the tapes are made... then install the software in windows and so ithink you cann red them... i never tested but it's logicaly for me cause the tape-format have to be the same ...

greetings chris