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dev path changed


dev path changed

From the ioscan , the device path has changed, how to change it back to original device path. The tape library is ESL9332L2, 4 tape drives. Thks
autoch 1 0/10/0/ schgr CLAIMED DEVICE HP ESL9000 Series
tape 5 0/10/0/ stape CLAIMED DEVICE HP Ultrium 2-SCSI
tape 6 0/10/0/ stape CLAIMED DEVICE HP Ultrium 2-SCSI

check the ioscan, found out that the above device file for ESL9000 had change to c32t0d0. suspect this is the reason causing data protector cant open the ESL9000 library.
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: dev path changed


The device files in HPUX stay normally fixed.

Just change the definition of the robot arm in Data Protector or create a symbolic link for the old device file towards the new device file. Then Data Protector can control the robot arm again.

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