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direct attach of tape drive to ML350G3 --->SAN???

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direct attach of tape drive to ML350G3 --->SAN???

today, we replaced installed HP sotageWorks Ultrium 960 external through a SCSI card LSI 20320-C (374654-b21) to a Proliant ML 350 G3 server.

the scsi card works well after driver installation as well as the tape drive : no error in the event log.

unfortuantly, in arcserve 2000 WG ed we use, i had errors.

i can read in ARCSERVE device manager that

" this is a shared device on a distributed server and tapeengine is unaable to connect to primary server. please, make sure that tapeengine is running on the primary server"

we attach the external tape drive to the server but arcserve consider it as a san,which is false.

i'm wondering if i got the correct scsi card driver as i downloaded it from the hp site.

what are propoer steps to connect those devices?