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disk drive for hp9000-k460 a3353a

byron taylor
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disk drive for hp9000-k460 a3353a

Our engineer onsite is going to install an editional 4gb scsi disk drive that we have purchased so we can disperse some of our files to it.

My question is: is there a special configuration that needs to be done to the drive in order for the server to recognize it? Pins? Jumpers?

malvin drakley
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Re: disk drive for hp9000-k460 a3353a

Hi Byron,
There are several different flavours of A3353A, in the Disc Upgrade Manual it lists 2 different drives and the only links you really need to set are the address links. The drives are usually numbered in the cage from the top down 6,5,4,3 so you will need to link for the address you require. If you have a ST15150WD then the address links are pins 1-4 on connector J5 which is nearest to the DC connector. The links are the same on the ST34371WD drive.
hope this helps
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