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Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor


I want to know SE SCSI cable part no to connect C6381A ( DLT 4000 drive, part number C6381-60003) with HP 28655A SE SCSI Card. Please help.
John-Thomas Gaietto
Trusted Contributor

Re: dlt4000

First things first here is the info for the C6381A

SMART Storage NSE DLT-4000 drive for MPE/iX, Field Racked

Bus: SE
Connector: HDTS50
Self-Termination: No
External Termination Included: Yes
Terminator Standalone Product Number: C2972A
NOTES: The racked devices are integrated into an Enclosure device. The terminator attaches to the enclosure, not the tape drive device.

Now the 28655A is for HP-UX K, T Class Servers using the HPPB Bus, and will connect to either a HDTS50SE or HDTS68 SE

OK now that I've dumped all the info on the Two part numbers you've posted I have one question which I'm not sure of will this MPE/iX Drive work with HP-UX Because in my hardware configuration guide it actually lists another part number for the DLT 4000 enclosure for HP-UX which is C6383A but the stats are all the same just one is for HP-UX and one is for MPE/iX

Ok here are the following cable part #'s there are several cables.

C2978B - .5 METER 68pin to 68 pin cable

C2911C - .9 METER 68 pin to 68 pin cable

C2961A - 1 METER 50 pin to 68 pin cable

C2906A - 2 METER 50 pin to 68 pin cable

C2972A - SCSI Terminator

Now I'm not quite sure if the 28655A has a 50 pin or 68 pin connector however I know there is a DB-25 connection, and the drive has I 50 pin. I Hope this helps and I would contact HP in regards about the DLT drive working with HP-UX
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: dlt4000


Thanks for your help