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does not recognize storage

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does not recognize storage

Hello, I have hp lto 5 ultrium 3000 with 1 tape of 3 Tb (C7975A 3TB rw) use as software Symantec Backup Exec 2010, and only recognize me as used capacity 1.4 Tb, could you help me to recognize the 3Tb that the tape has ???
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Re: does not recognize storage

Hello greinhardt - LTO-5 media has a native capacity of 1.5TB. All tape media is marked at roughly double the native capacity with a note that it assumes compression is used, and it assumes your data will compress at 2:1. Some software will report only the native capacity, so you may have a larger amount of data on the tape that what it reports. It is also possible that you do not have data compression enabled, which will limit you to the native capacity. There are also cases with certain types of data that don't compress, that even with compression enabled, you will not see a 2:1 compression rate. Video files, or data that is already compressed on disk will not compress further.

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Re: does not recognize storage

Kindly note if you want to enable the compression on the tape drive, you can do it from Libary and tape tools utility. 

Please empty the tape drive before performing this configuration change, unload the LTO tape.

For more details, please do refer Library and Tape Tools UserGuide for the version in use. 


In addition to the previous reply,
The compression ratio has very little to do with the drive and everything to do with the data the tape drive is backing up. The 2:1 standard is rounded to the nearest whole number figure based on "average" data.  Since every computer has different data on it, there is no guarantee that a 2:1 data compression is achievable on every machine.

Ashraf Khan
I work for HPE

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