kusi arthur
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there is a backup tape in Drive 0 and we canâ t take it out. It shows that the drive is in use but there is no job running
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: error

when a host lost connectivity to a tape drive, it may stay in reserved mode, and then you cannot eject the drive anymore from the backup application.
The way to go is to clear the "reservation " flag in the drive
you can use the front panel of the library to shut down and then up the drive, or you can just power down * wait 30 seconds then power up the library. this usually clear up this condition, then from the front panel you can unload the drive

If the drive is not is use anymore after this sequence and the tape cannot be ejected, it may be the drive or tape is defective and cannot be ejected because something is broken, but you will receive some info about a hw issue, on the drive led or on the rmi