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event id 5 parity error

Russ Givens_2
Occasional Contributor

event id 5 parity error

I'm getting a parity error on my ML530 with an external hp sdlt1 160/320 tape driver. I have windows 2000 server sp3 installed. Additionally, the controller it's connected to is a compaq 64-bit ultra2 scsi contorller /p with the latest driver v5.24.0.0 from 11/12/2002. Here is the exact error: A parity error was detected on \Device\Scsi\Cpq32fs21.

I have had the tape drive replaced 3 times, the system board with builtin scsi controller replaced once, new scsi cable, new terminator, and updated/back dated drivers a few times.

I would like to get some insight into fixing this problem. I've found an artilce on adaptec's site about a parity error that is similar to what I'm experiencing. It says you will need to check the parity settings on the scsi controller and the tape drive. My question is are there parity settings for my tape drive and scsi controller. I can't find very good documentation on either on the hp website.

I've attached a copy of the error from the event log on my machine for reference. Thanks for your help.

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: event id 5 parity error

Parity errors are almost never a software/driver problem and very rarely are due to hardware such as the tape drive or HBA.

Most of the time parity errors are caused by something wrong in the SCSI cabling. A frequent and often overlooked cause is too long of a cable or the wong type of cable. Also somewhat common is a bad terminator. Less common but still relatively common is some sort of interference problem. If the server and tape drive are attached to different UPS's there could be a voltage level difference. If there are any high emission electronics anywhere around the cable it can cause signal loss. If there are ferrite beads on the SCSI cables you can lose signal.

Hard to point to anything specific on a problem like this but hopefully this will give you some ideas where you might look.