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firmware levels on msl5026

S Shariff_1
Occasional Contributor

firmware levels on msl5026

We are currently running a Windows 2000 server with an MSL5026 attached to it via an MDR.

The MSL5026 is running firmware level v0414 and the tape drives (which are 110/220) are running v3333. We are using Legato V7 to backup our data.

I need to upgrade the firmware of ONE of the two tape drives in this library so it is the current version (which I think is v85). I would like to know if it's possible to upgrade the firmware on one tape drive in a library without upgrading the library firmware (will v85 tape drive firmware run on a library which is using v0414 firmware?). I don't want to upgrade the library firmware because this may then affect both tape drives and we will not be able to run any backups.
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: firmware levels on msl5026

Yes, you can upgrade the firmware independently from each other.

But I just would upgrade both the library and drives to the latest firmware. The risc you are taking isn't that high, it is rather a matter of confidence.

best regards,