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firmware of HP Storageworks DAT 72 SCSI Tape Drive

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firmware of HP Storageworks DAT 72 SCSI Tape Drive

Hi guys,

We have a server with two tape backups, StorageWorks 960 and one Storageworks DAT 72 External Drive SCSI, both using Backup Exec 9.1 of Symantec.
The Ultrium Drive was installed last week and had an old firmware. We used the HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools to upgrade it to the latest (G64D). For the DAT 72, as we also had an old one, we decided to upgrade it as well. The software took the HP DAT 72 External Tape Drive firmware (V601), however, we believe it should have been this one:

HP StorageWorks DAT 72 SCSI Tape Drive
ZP76 - 5 September 2007

with the HP Library and Tape tools we see the following:

Product ID: C7438A
Drive Technology: DAT 72
Drive Serial #: HUN5206493
Firmware Revision: V601/HP
OBDR: Present

Since the firmware was upgraded, we get an error from the DAT 72 stating an I/O device error with Backup Exec 9.1 and NTBackup from W2k
Also, whenever we select the ZP76 firmware on the HP Library software, we get the message "wrongly personality".

Ideas are appreciated.
Mainor Murillo
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Re: firmware of HP Storageworks DAT 72 SCSI Tape Drive

You must STOP the services from Backup Exec 9.1.
Also you need to stop RSM-> removable Storage Management from Microsoft.
L&TT will have a conflict when updating firmware or doing any kind of test, if the any other back up soft ware or program is able to acces the the storage device ..