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formating blank tape

lou nailor
Occasional Visitor

formating blank tape

just bought a jumbo 1400 reading the book says i can format blank tapes. when i try, a box comes up telling me it can't do it because the tape is not formatted (i know this already that is what i'm trying to do) can any one tell me how to format a blank new tape?

t i a

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: formating blank tape

You need a utility called 'Ftape', or something similar, depending upon your O/S and where the command is executed, DOS for example, or Linux. Here are some suggestions from the link listed below:

Colorado Memory System's software (tape.exe)
Conner Backup Basics v1.1 and all Windows versions
Norton Backup
QICstream version 2
Tallgrass FileSecure v1.52
Escom Powerstream 3.0 (qs3.exe -- QICstream v3?)

Try this link and search on format:
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