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getting errors on Novell 4.10

Raymond Norton
Occasional Visitor

getting errors on Novell 4.10

We hat a 12/24 dat drive in our Novell 4.10 server, but it has gone bad. I took a HP T20 from our NT server and installed it in the 4.10. I am using Archserve, which sees the scsi board and tape drive correctly, but I cannot work with the tape without getting errors. When I try to format it or erase it from the consol I get: "Error: illegal command". When I try to format it from ARCserveIT I get: "Tape server error (A1). I thought I might need a new driver, but everything seems to be geared toward Novell 4.2.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: getting errors on Novell 4.10

I didn't know archserver under novel, but I can give you some info about T20.
For the T20 you need to set your scsi controller to 5 MB/s and disable wide negotiation.
this is a must for the T20
hope can help