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help help ,big trouble

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help help ,big trouble

today morning ,our building power system broken for half an hour,so terrible.
and at that time DLT8000 is doing its session.

when power systme restart,i find DLT8000 doesnt continue its session,and it doesnt do the session it should do this afternoon.

what should i do to deal with the problem?
Stefan Farrelly
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Re: help help ,big trouble

1. Make sure there is a tape in it and see if you access the drive from your HP server, do; mt -t /dev/rmt/ rew

where Xm is your tape drive (either 0m or 1m etc.)

Does it work ?

2. If not then try powering off the tape drive (should be a power button on the front) then on again, repeat step 1. Does it work ? If not what error are you getting ?
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Re: help help ,big trouble


There are many variables in ur case.

Step 1. Make sure that ur DLT is powered on after the power failure. Step 2, use ioscan command and find out that ur DLT is detected by system or not aftre reboot. U can trace like this

#ioscan -fn |pg

Suppose DLT is not showing here check for the data cables. Suppose U are able to see here, then check any tape is there inside or not. If yes please remove it and put it back. See whether it is initializing or not. then use #mt rew command and see tape is rewinding or not.

I hope now U will be able to trace the problem

Best of luck
Martin Johnson
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Re: help help ,big trouble

Do "ioscan -fnC tape". There should be an entry for your tape drive and it should be CLAIMED. If not, check the tape drive that is powered on.

Pete Randall
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Re: help help ,big trouble

Help! I need somebody.
Help! Not just anybody.

So - how are you doing - any resolution to your problem? Are you "getting by with a little help from your friends"?

It would be nice to know.


Jan Klier
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Re: help help ,big trouble

If I recall correctly, DLT drives can corrupt a directory on the tape if the drive is power cycled at the wrong time. This directory is maintained by the drive for faster seeking.

Now, the drive will recognize this fact and rebuild the directory automatically. However, this can be a very lengthy operation. From what I recall, it can take in excess of an hour to complete this.

Check the drive and see if it is performing any tape motions at this time. If it is still moving the tape, it probably is in the process of rebuilding this directory. You just have to wait until it is done and then everything should go back to normal.
Jerry Jaynes
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Re: help help ,big trouble

Three little words
Uninterruptable Power Supply

If the system doesn't recognize the drive, make sure all your volume groups are there. If (I don't know if your do) you have a RAID and it wasn't powered on and stabilzed, you may not have access to your devices. You will need to shut down, and start it all up again. You may also have erroneous paths to your volumes as a result. Contact HP and they can walk you through the procedure.

Good luck!

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harry d brown jr
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Re: help help ,big trouble


If they are getting help from their friends

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imagine how they treat their non-friends.

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live free or die
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Re: help help ,big trouble

sorry for that :)

i restart the DLT8000,and everything is ok

you know i didnt mean to it