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help installing scsi tape drive

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help installing scsi tape drive

can i just ask for a quick bit of help getting our new scsi DAT drive
installed, i cannot get it to slip into our exisiting scsi chain without

at the moment we have the following :-

Channel A - ID 0 = 9gb HDD, ID 2 = Old HP tape Drive, ID 6 = 18gb HDD
Channel B - ID 0 = 9gb HDD, ID 6 = 18gb HDD

All the above show as Ultra2-SE in the scsi bios

But when i take out the old tape drive and put in the new one on channel A i
loose the 18gb HDD on ID 6 and it says that the tape and the existing 9gb
HDD on ID 0 are using Ultra2-LVD. Nothing changes with Channel B.

The tape drive is a brand new Compaq SDT-10000 20/40gb DAT drive

Hope you can help.


Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: help installing scsi tape drive

Hi Stewart;

The tape drive is defaulted at ID06 and conflicting with The hard drive ID06.

We recommend stringing hard drives and tape drives on separate controller channels for best performance.

You may want to consider that.

In any case, you'll have to change the scsi ID of either the hard drive or tape device using the jumpers on the drives to clear up the conflict.


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