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how to match Ultrium cartdige ID

berk basarir
Occasional Contributor

how to match Ultrium cartdige ID


In the Library and Tape Tools reports, Ultrium cartrdiges are referred using an internal ID as 05D0 and 6 digits. (05D0115117, 05D0113516, etc. ) We're using Legato Networker but I could not find this number in Networker media database.

Is it possible to use this ID to find the physical cartdridge?

Thanks in advance,

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: how to match Ultrium cartdige ID

If the tape drive is in an ESL, EML, or MSL G3 library the barcode value of the tape will be reported as well. Otherwise finding the tape is difficult and usually requires matching the errors to errors reported by the backup application.

There is a media ID's test that L&TT can run in most of the HP tape libraries that will load the tapes and find out the media ID's.
Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: how to match Ultrium cartdige ID

I agree, the most reliable way to determine which tape is giving the error it to compare the back up log witht he tape that was scheduled to be loaded for that back up.

This of course is assuming you are not using a random mode with the library where it places media in random slots in teh library.