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how to use LTO7 tape full space (15TB)

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how to use LTO7 tape full space (15TB)

we are using LT07 tape which is having 15TB space.

but native storage is only 6 TB.

hoe to use lTO tape to store compressed 15 Tb data.

how to enable compression?

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Re: how to use LTO7 tape full space (15TB)

this question was asked 1000 times here.

It depends if your data can be compressed or not.

Try to zip a txt file.
Try to zip a jpeg file.

Compare the ratio.

An already compressed file cannot be compressed much more.

Hope this helps!

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Re: how to use LTO7 tape full space (15TB)

Virtually no software applications require you to do anything to achieve the greatest possible capacity with HPE LTO tape drives.  The tape drives have compression turned on by default and have built in algorithms to determine whether to compress the data or not.  I haven't seen an application in many years that turns off the compression for LTO.

If you are using the tape drive to record random filesystem data you should get somewhere around the 15TB of capacity.  If you are using the tape drive to store video files or compressed images your capacity will be close to the native 6TB.  Database backups frequently get more than 15TB.

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