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how tu deal with Mount request

Regular Advisor

how tu deal with Mount request

2002/07/17-2 Backup Mount Request

in its report :
[Warning] From: BSM@dbbak-lc "" Time: 07/17/02 07:14:52
Mount request for medium:
MediumId : c0a8181d:3b4ab6d0:15dc:0001
Label : TDB_Full_4
Location :
Device : Drive 3
Host : dbbak-lc
Slot : 5

and i use the command omnimnt:
#omnimnt -device Drive3 -session 2002/07/17-2
Mount prompt confirmation sent to the Session Manager.

however it seems to be good-for-nothing
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: how tu deal with Mount request


The first thing to look at is the whether
the tape being requested is in fact in
slot 5. The slot is either empty or an
incorrect tape is loaded there. The best
way around situations like this is to
either utilise barcodes from within tape
libraries or you *must* use a pre-allocated
tape list. Depending on your version, there
are slight differences on how to set this up.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?