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Re: hp 1760 sas drive problem

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hp 1760 sas drive problem

hi i am not able to detect hp 1760 sas external
drive through p212 smart array controller at boot screen and in windows also
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Re: hp 1760 sas drive problem

Hi please use a supported Smart array card

following are the supported 1's

SAS Controllers
HP SC44Ge SAS Host Bus Adapter
NOTE: Recommended SAS HBA for connecting HP StorageWorks tape drives to HP ProLiant servers.
HP Smart Array P400/256MB Controller
HP Smart Array P400/512MB Controller
HP 8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID 0/1
NOTE: PCI-X interface
Curtis Ballard
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Re: hp 1760 sas drive problem

The P212 Smart Array controller is fully supported and should work fine. The only side note for the card is that for best performance you should install the optional cache memory module.

What firmware is in the P212?

During boot what exactly does it show? The P212 doesn't list tape drives in detail instead it just says "tape or CDROM found at xx".

Do you have anything else hooked up to the P212 and does it communicate correctly?

Do you know what firmware is in the 1760? Some really early 1760 drives were not able to be detected by the P212 and there was a firmare update. That has been a long time ago though.

If you have a way to create a firmware update tape I would recommend you update the firmware in the tape drive.
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Re: hp 1760 sas drive problem

could you plz tell me the model of your server to verify if it's compatible with the controllor card

Re: hp 1760 sas drive problem


According with HP Compatibility Matrix, P212 is a supported HBA for HP LTO 1760 SAS Ext, but you will need to confirm if your Server support it.

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Backup Solution (EBS) Hardware/Software Compatibility Matrix

If everything is running in a supported config, I have seem that some LSI has a BIOS where you can configure the boot process. This is a known issue in SAS drives and below you will find a link explaining how it can be resolve:

HP StorageWorks Ultrium 448 SAS Internal Drive - Drive Not Detected by SC44Ge SAS Host Bus Adapter (HBA)

Vernny D.