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hp L&TT

Christian Peter
Frequent Advisor

hp L&TT

somebody know the meaning of -->
AUX A11: Last Error: 0x13

shown in support ticket of c1537 dds3 drive

Re: hp L&TT

The message basically means that the drive fault log is full and cannot record any more errors. The message should also have stated that you should reinstall the latest firmware, as this will clear the fault log and allow the drive to record any new errors that occur.

Next time that you then pull a support ticket, the tool will re-look at the contents of your drives logs and make any necessary recommendations based on the lastest data.

Hope this helps...?

Barrie Evans
Christian Peter
Frequent Advisor

Re: hp L&TT

yes, it was helpfully...

but still im looking for all error messages which can be reported by HP L&TT for the drives... is there something like a table of error messages anywhere on can you give me some more informations about errors on L&TT ???

greetings chris
(and sorry for baaaad english *g)

Re: hp L&TT


I don't believe there is a table of error messages available on ''. The messages are intended to be self-explanatory. The part of the message that you included in the original forum question is more for the benefit of the support personnel, the customer part of the message should have come after that -- it should have been along the lines of:

"Please update the firmware in your drive with the latest version."
"Please insert a cleaning cartridge 5 times in a row to ensure that the drive heads are clean."
"If your drive is still failing, please re-run device analysis."