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hp SUperstore 24x6e firmware upgrade


hp SUperstore 24x6e firmware upgrade

I just came across an hp superstore 24x6e tape drive and would like to upgrade the firmware on it. I think it's at U709 and the lastest is U819 I think. I download the latest hp ltt tool and it sees the autoloader and tape drive, but it fails when I go to upgrade the firmware. I get the message that it's not enabled. I also noticed that I can't move tapes using the front buttons.

There is a set of switches on the botton of the drive and an options switch that I don't have any information on them. I have seached the web and still haven't found a good doc that explains what these sould be set for. I have the tape hooked to a Windows 2003 server.

Has anyone seen the firmware fail or is there another way to get the update firmware installed? I didn't want to assume the unit was bad until I have at least upgraded the firmware.