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hp StorageWorks MSL6000 series library

Caster Troy
Regular Advisor

hp StorageWorks MSL6000 series library

I am using the MSL6060 library with 2 tape drives only connected to a dual bus adapter on the server. The problem is that the power supply sometimes get stable and the tape library is switched on and sometimes the LEDs on the back keep blinking, is there a possibility that my tape library 2tapes/2bus connectivity is not proper. Also note that the display panel is not working, unfortunately the tape library was not yet configured for monitoring and administration over the network, is there anyother way i can interact with the configuration of the tape library.
thankyou for ur guidance
best regards
Evil Has Its Winning Ways
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: hp StorageWorks MSL6000 series library

You see that the leds in the back are blinking, could you specify which one?
if they are those of the power supply, you may have power line problem, check for good connections and for good grounding, be sure to not have the library on the same power line with laser printers, or similar.
If the leds that are blinking are those of the activity, then be sure your library front pannelis not in stand-by mode, you need to touch it to get it working. Also be sure the contrast of your lcd touch screen is not all on, touch your screen for several second to see if something appear