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hp autoloader 24x6e (C1557A) HELL

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Miguel Reboreda
Occasional Contributor

hp autoloader 24x6e (C1557A) HELL

We bought 3 years ago a HP autoloader 24x6e. During the first 2 years, of daily working everything was ok. After this first period, we started having a lot of problems. After calling hp support, they finally sent us a new one (noy really a new one, just a repaired unit). A couple of months more, and problems restarted. After a lot of calls to support, they finally sent us another one (again, a repaired unit). A copuple of months, and once more, problems restarted. We called againg HP support, and the told us that they can not change again or repair our unit (we were in warranty!!!).
After a lot of callings, they finally said no, and they advised us to buy a new one :o

Two questions:

- Why a new unit worked normally during 25 months, and a repaired one, no more than 2 months...

- What is warranty for, if HP can said while you are in warranty period that is finished...

Is anyone having the same problems with this units?.

Wayne Yu_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: hp autoloader 24x6e (C1557A) HELL

Have you replace the tape regularly? DDS tape are short lived. At the totally new time, you probably has newer tapes. Every 12 months or so, you will need to throw away those old tapes and replace them with new ones.
You also need to clean the tape driver every two weeks and replace the cleaning tape once it reach to its life span (checked all the check obxes on the back).

I see many people using the same tape driver for 8 to 10 years without problem, if they clean the tape driver every two weeks and replace tapes every 11 - 12 months.
Miguel Reboreda
Occasional Contributor

Re: hp autoloader 24x6e (C1557A) HELL

Wayne, we replace the tapes frequently (at least, once per month), and we clean the tape heads every 30 hours of use, but errors do not disappear...
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: hp autoloader 24x6e (C1557A) HELL


This is nothing new with tape drives. We've had a similar issue with DLt drives (which are supposed to be more reliable than your DDS3 drives). HP sends us a repaired drive, and doesn't last more than 2-3 months.

Anything HP can do about this?

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