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hp colorado 5gb tape drive stope

Peter Stoel
Occasional Visitor

hp colorado 5gb tape drive stope

I installed Win2000 on the computer with my Colorado 5gb travan tape drive and installed HP Colorado Backup II, version 9.0. When I try to backup the whole C: drive (about 2gb of files) it always stops about 80% complete. No messages, it just freezes. I have to cold boot the computer.
I installed the patch drvmcdb.sys, date May 22, 2000. But the inability to complete the backup continues. Do others have this problem? I need a suggestion of what to do next please.

Re: hp colorado 5gb tape drive stope

My Colorado Backup allways stops when it trys to backup the cache directory of Netscape.
This does not happen when I delete all files in the directory before I backup.
The name of the directory may be:

Please tell me whether this helped.

Joey Jackson
Frequent Advisor

Re: hp colorado 5gb tape drive stope

Peter, watch your backup to see if it is hanging on a particular file or folder. Often if a file is open or accessed by the operating system, it cannot backup and hangs.

The other thing is how long is it sitting before you re-boot? The system may appear to be idle but is really working. Have patients. As long as you can hear the tape moving leave it alone. (unless it goes for an extremely long period of time.)

You may also try replacing your media. A bad block in the media may be causing the problem. And if I can suggest one more thing. In your computer's bios, please ensure that your Parallel port settings are set to EPP or ECP. I have a funny feeling that they probably already are, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Post your findings and I'll try to help you further
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