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hp colorado 8gbe installation - no device found error

George H Ramsdell Jr
Occasional Visitor

hp colorado 8gbe installation - no device found error

My Dell Dimension XPS T500 crashed the other day. I worked with Dell technical support to re-install the Windows 98 Second Edition operating system, but have been unable to re-install my HP Tape Backup.

When trying to re-install it following the directions on the instalation instructions which came with the unit, I was able to do the first part of the installation, but after shutting down the computer and re-booting, there was a message "Windows Protection Error - Need to Restart." The computer then shut down. Upon re-booting, I got to the desktop. I then went to Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, SCSI controller, Shuttle EPAT ATAPI Adapter which had a yellow exclamation mark. I then cliced on Proerties and got the message:
"Windows stopped responding while attempting to start this device again (Code 11.)
For more information, look up ASD in Windows Help.
Try upgrading device drivers for this device."

I then did two things.
1. Went to ASD in Windows Help and got the message:
"Starting a device => Shuttle EPAT Exrenal ATAPI Adapter"
I then clicked on the "Details" button which showed the reference for the problem to be:
Try upgrading the device drivers for this hardware or changing the resorces the device is using."
I then checked the box to have Windows re-try, re-started the computer and had the same
problem again.

2. I recall that when I initially bought this tape drive, I encountered a problem with the installation. When I contacted you, You thought it was probably a driver problem. I downloaded a recommended driver from your website, a file "epatupdt.exe which, when installed enabled me to complete the installation. I still have this file so I un-installed the device, reinstalled the unit following all of the instructions and installed the driver update. The first part of installation again went o.k., but when re-booting, I encountered the same problem again.

When I clicked on the HP icon on the desktop and attempted to restore I got the message "No Devices Found."
George H Ramsdell Jr
Occasional Visitor

Re: hp colorado 8gbe installation - no device found error

It was simple. Re-installed the operating system again and the problem was resolved.