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hp surestore dat40 clean led

Klaus Dosser
Occasional Visitor

hp surestore dat40 clean led

hi @all,

i have a problem with my hp surestore dat40.

2 days ago i changed the server an made a restore of the data. until there my tape device was funktioning correctly.

in the evening i wanted to make a backup, but the clean led in front of the device is on.

i cant inject a cardrige. no clean cardridge and no data cardrige.

in the device manager of windows 2000 server the tape device is not listed.

can anyone help me?

ps: the tape hangs on a adaptec aha2930 and was funktioning for 1 1/2 years.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: hp surestore dat40 clean led

If you can't inject any cartridge it's time to open a hardware call...

Stf ;-)
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: hp surestore dat40 clean led

It may be your device has een disconnected by the driver, and it is stuck.
I suggest you first to shutdown completely your server (not just a reboot, you need to cut power to the tape) wait for two minuts and reboot.
the tape will perform a self test, and if evrythink is ok. you will have again access to it, and you will then be able to clean .

Remember the cleaning policy for DAT products is ones per week, so be shure to follow this rule. also the cleaning cartridge is valid for only around 50 cleaning cycle, and shound then be replaced, or it will contaminate instead of clean the head

Klaus Dosser
Occasional Visitor

Re: hp surestore dat40 clean led


thanks for your answers.

i have already performed a shutdown and a cut off from power. but the clean led is still on.

i think the tape devie is done and the warranty is over. so i have to buy a new one.

but its ok, this one has done his work for over 4 jears ...