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Re: hp surestore tape Model 1/9

Israel Castelan
New Member

hp surestore tape Model 1/9

I have 2 HP SureStore Tape
autoloader 1 / 9, a calibration error mark , My support team sent me a spare, but when I conect an turn on the box display the next code "76, and it mentions, run calibrate.

After I starting the calibration this send the same problem.

What is the problem?
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: hp surestore tape Model 1/9

Make certain you have the latest code first.

I don't have handy access right now to the manuals for that but somewhere in the test menu there is a "translate" test. Run a bunch of loops of that test. If it fails, restart.

Sometimes if the unit has been turned off for a long time it has trouble moving sideways (translate) and isn't able to correctly calibrate. If you can get it to run a bunch of translate test loops then it should be able to calibrate assuming that is the problem.

The other possibility is failure of the calibration optics. Not much that can be done about that other than part replacement.

If you can post L&TT support tickets ( for both of the libraries we may be able to tell more.