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hp surestore tape autoloader 1/9 series

Ted Mims
Occasional Advisor

hp surestore tape autoloader 1/9 series

I have the above drive running on hp-ux 11.11. When 11.0 was first installed (no patches), the drive was not recognized in sam but i could manually backup to the drive. After I installed 11.11 and current patch levels, the drive was recognized in sam. However, when I explored and ran ioscan, the DLT drive is recognized but the changer is not.
unknown -1 1/0/0/0.1.0 UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN HP C7145-80

any solutions? It appears that the kernel driver is in a IN state but I can't make a recognizable special file
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: hp surestore tape autoloader 1/9 series

Hi Ted,

The attached document will assist you. For the drive/library to 'unknown' means that the kernel driver it is expecting is not installed.
The attached document will also assist in creating a device in which to control the robot properly.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?