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ibm 3583 library

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ibm 3583 library

Hi everyone,
I have an L2000 hpux11.00 box with DataProtector 5.10 attached in SAN to a McData ED-6064.
I want to attach to the SAN an ibm 3583 library with 2 IBM LTO2 drives.
I've seen both the ibm 3583 library and the IBM LTO2 drives can be controlled by the hpux box in DataProtector support matrix.
In the ibm 3583 support matrix the connection to the McData ED-6064 is supported but is not supported the direct attach to the hpux 11.00 box . Is supported only the hpux 11i box.
Do you think I can connect the ibm 3583 library to the SAN with success?

Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: ibm 3583 library


In the DP support matrix they add following note for the usage of the library on HP-UX:

To utilize IBM LTO on HP-UX, the IBM LTO for HP-UX device driver is required. This can be obtained from the following URL:
Please Note: The native HP-UX driver should be used for the library robotic.

It does not matter if the library is connected to the SAN or directly to the HP server, so yes it will work. A reboot of the HPUX server might be required to rebuild the kernel after installing the IBM LTO driver.

best regards,